Difference Between TAN and TIN

TAN/TIN Full form & Basic Differences

difference between TAN and TIN

We can see the first difference in their name i.e. TIN and TAN. TIN stands for Tax Identification Number & TAN stands for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number.

TAN is 10 digits alphanumeric number Where TIN is 11 digit numeric numbers.

TAN is using Form 49B to register and TIN number registration forms are vary as per state.

Main Difference Between TAN and TIN

Card Issuer 

TAN is issuing by Income Tax Department Where; TIN is issuing by Commercial Tax Department of the state.

Number Format

TAN number is a 10-digit Alphanumeric number, in the TAN number first four character are alphabets, then five characters are numbers, and the last one is alphabets.

Where; TIN holds 11 digit -numeric number and each character of TIN is Number.

Reason behind issuing TAN and TIN number

TAN is issued because of to deduct and collect tax at sources. TIN is issued because of to pay VAT to the State government.

Owner of these numbers

Deductor and collector of tax at source is an owner of the TAN number. Where, on the other hand, the VAT tax payer is the owner of TIN Number.

Laws Affect

TAN is affected by the income tax act 1961 under section 203A. Where; the TIN number is to affect by the Commercial tax rule as per state.

Dues for break rules

If a TAN card holder is not implying rules for Tan number, they must need to fill dues about Rs. 10,000,

If a TIN number holder do not imply rules. The dues are lies as per states.

Required Documents for Registration 

None documents required but, Signed Acknowledgement (in case of online application)

Where, to register for a TIN number you need Proof of Registration, PAN, ID-Proof of the Owner (Some other documents needed as per state rules).

Registration Fees

you need to pay Rs. 63(55 + 15% service tax) for TAN Registration. Where; for to TIN Registration charges are imposed as per state rules for VAT.

Compulsion For

TAN number is compulsory for TDS/TCS tax payer. where; TIN number is compulsory for VAT tax-payer.


TAN is Employer Identity Number. where; TIN is Dealer Identity Number.




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